Best Clothes to Wear White Water Rafting in Bali
Best Clothes to Wear White Water Rafting in Bali

Bali has two nice rivers to enjoy an adrenaline adventure with white water rafting. Ayung River and Telaga Waja River are the best rivers that can satisfy those who are looking for fun activities. Interested? But, before you order rafting activities, you must know the answer to this question. What To Wear White Water Rafting Bali?

Below are some important things you need to wear white water rafting Bali

1. T-shirts and shorts

You will try physical and active activity. So, wear something comfortable for the activity. T-shirts and shorts are the best choices here. This will help you move more easily and control your movement and balance when you ride the raft. Apart from that, it is not only convenient. Wearing this kind of clothing will also help you avoid injuries or accidents.

2. Material

The type of material you need to consider for something wear to white water rafting Bali. You will play in the water. Therefore, choose the right ingredients for this activity. The material that you need here is a material that dries very quickly. Why? First of all, remember that the location of white water rafting in Bali is mostly located on a plateau or near a mountain.

The temperature at that location is much lower than the beach or downtown. The above material can help you avoid many problems related to this condition. After having fun in the water, your clothes will be wet with water and your sweat. If it doesn’t dry out faster, your body will have problems normalizing its temperature. You may be cold and in the worst case, hypothermia. Choosing the correct White Water rafting to use will help you avoid this dangerous condition.

Moreover, clothes that dry quickly also help you reduce fatigue. So, after you have fun rafting, you still have the energy to do other fun things. Or, you can also use your energy to enjoy the delicacy provided by the tour company that you use.

3. Footwear

Wear comfortable footwear that is suitable for outdoor activities such as rafting. Sports shoes or river sandals are the best choice for rafting. Sports shoes or river sandals help you move easily in areas near the river. Or, if you fall into the river, this kind of footwear can also help you move by walking and it protects you from any rocks or sharp objects in the river.

4. Spectacles

What about those who wear glasses or contact lenses? Actually, you can still use it. But, you have to choose the right glasses that suit your activity. For that reason, you can try using sports glasses. This type of glasses is the best choice for White water rafting.

Usually, sports glasses have a special design with a strap. This design will not make it easy to fall or take off from you because of active movements such as running, jumping, and of course, when you move around while rafting in Bali. Or, you can choose contact lenses for the simplest solution.

What to brings in Bali White Water Rafting

1. Sun Block – Because Bali is a tropical area, of course the sun is very strong. Therefore, sunblock is very important to protect your skin from the sun.

2. Waterproof Camera – If you want to capture your rafting adventures, it is highly recommended that you use a Waterproof camera. This is the type of camera should be wear in white water rafting Bali

3. Drinking water – Drinking water is usually stored in a waterproof bag carried by your river rafting guide, if you want to bring more drinking water, please ask your river rafting guide.

4. Plastic Bags For Wet Clothes – Carry a spare plastic bag to avoid mixing your wet clothes with dry clothes after rafting.

5. Extra Dry Clothes – Bringing dry clothes is easy, but sometimes people forget it, and this will definitely ruin your happy moments at Bali rafting.

6. Extra Cash Or Credit Cards – Drinks at restaurants at most Bali rafting providers are not included in the price of rafting trips. Therefore, you need to buy drinks in your personal account. Besides drinks, most Bali rafting tour companies also offer rafting tours and photography, if you want it! You can buy it.

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